Research and consulting
Education market overview
We have aggregated and analyzed the practical experience of hundreds of innovative schools and institutes from all over the world. That is the value our analytical reports provide to our clients. Work with us to understand how industry pioneers operate, where they succeed or fail, and why.

In essence, we are constantly assembling and clarifying an "industry map" that reflects the latest trends in education and objectively evaluates the effectiveness of newly-implemented innovations.

The only way to grow is to take risks and try new solutions.
We use our global-yet-granular understanding of the education industry to help our clients reduce their risks and multiply their successes.
Hypothesis testing
We have repeatedly seen that approaches and tools that are effective in one country cannot be successfully applied in a different country. The complexity of copying culture and replicating a living educational environment casts doubt on the effectiveness of the franchise model.

Working with us helps preserve objectivity. Together with our clients, we create models for testing innovations, and launch pilot projects with minimal risk and expense.

Based on the results of our testing, we receive quality data about how to improve a product, construct a business development strategy, and reduce investors' risks.
Consulting for real-estate developers
According to research conducted by the Higher School of Economics, the key deciding factor in housing purchases is the presence of a school and daycare in a given neighborhood. Other factors, such as architecture, ecology, and security do not significantly influence property-buying decisions.

In the UK, the presence of a school increases the price of housing in the coverage area by 30 percent. In Russia, a good school can raise the average per-meter apartment price by 5-15%.

What kinds of schools and daycare facilities should you choose? How can you provide the promised quality of education for future residents? Which education providers will keep your developments attractive? Which schools add the most value to your planned neighborhoods?

We provide objectively proven solutions to these issues, based on data from dozens of projects implemented in major cities worldwide.

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